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Our Mission
  is to encourage men and boys to grow in a relationship with God as they experience Him through nature, outdoor activities, and camaraderie with other sportsmen.
Our Vision
  is to help outdoorsmen become better acquainted with their creator as he reveals himself through nature and His Word, the Bible.
Our Strategy
  is to build relationships between our students and adult mentors through various programs and activities while teaching and modeling outdoor skills, conservation, safety, character, and manhood from a Christian worldview.

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A Little History:
  Throughout its long-established history, CHRISTIANITY Outdoors has benefited hundreds of youth and their families. In 1978, we began as a juvenile delinquency prevention project focusing on reaching junior high age boys using mini-bikes and ATVs. The "project" grew and we became incorporated in 1982 as Bikes For Christ. As our ministry diversified and its outreach expanded to any youth or young adult who was interested in learning more about God and His creation, we adopted the name CHRISTIANITY Outdoors in 1993 to better describe our mission. Our director, Roger Hoeker, was instrumental in founding this ministry and is just as passionate today as he was then about mentoring young men and sharing his experiences as a sportsman with the next generation.
  CHRISTIANITY Outdoors works in cooperation with other sportsmen groups, local churches, and community agencies who share our commitment to developing the body, soul, and spirit of each person and who also share our desire to pass on to the next generation America's hunting, fishing, and outdoorsman heritage.
  Through small and large group activities, such as hunting camps, fishing trips, work projects, and DNR Hunter Safety Courses, positive relationships are built, participants are introduced to a variety of outdoor activities, and an appreciation for God's creation is developed. While our focus is on training and equipping young men to become godly men who take responsibility for their lives and their families, older men are encouraged to participate with their sons or serve as mentors, and we also offer several family and co-ed activities throughout the year. Overall we want to encourage parents to get their sons and daughters outdoors enjoying activities together and growing in their appreciation of our awesome Creator.
  Committed, experienced mentors meet with individual students on a regular basis throughout the year for personalized instruction, encourage-ment, and Christian discipleship. Please contact our office if you know of a young man who could benefit from a CHRISTIANITY Outdoors mentoring relationship, or if you would like to get involved as a mentor to one of our students.
  To insure the safety of all participants and the integrity of our ministry, all CHRISTIANITY Outdoors volunteers and staff members who work with youth in any capacity undergo a reference and criminal background check. Our certified Hunter Safety Instructors are certified through the Law Enforcement Division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
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